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1. How do I know what size of gown I wear?
Gowns are measured according to height and weight. Representatives at the Grad Fair will help you with the proper fit.

2. How do I figure my cap size?
Most schools are using a Sure Fit cap. It is a one size fits all. If you need an extra large size, we can order that in Sure Fit also. Please talk to a representative at the Grad Fair.

3. What if I miss the Grad Fair, how can I place my order?
You may order on the website: HJGrad.com. Gowns ordered before the spring delivery date will be delivered at the school. Gowns ordered after delivery date will be delivered to the school just before graduation.

Graduate Supplies   back to top

1. When is the final payment due for Graduation supplies?
Final payment of Graduation supplies will be before your school delivery date. Most schools will be delivered in April so April 1st would be the date the payment is due.

2. If I did not order at the Grad Fair, when and where can I order?
Order online and your items will be delivered to the school with all student orders in the spring.

3. How do I make payments?
You may pay on-line at HJGrad.com with a credit card, or send a money order to our regional processing office. Herff Jones 966 East Lincoln Road Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

4. May I still order more announcements?
Order extras on-line for your school. They will be taken to the school to be delivered with the student orders. If ordered after the delivery date, they will be shipped directly to your home.

5. May I still order graduation accesories?
Shop on-line at hjgrad.com to order available items. Some items are not available after the Grad Fair.

6. What if I miss the delivery date for Graduation Supplies?
You may pick up all orders not delivered, in our regional office in Idaho Falls or you must pay $13.95 to ship it directly to your home.

Rings   back to top

1. How long will it take for my ring to arrive once I have ordered it?
Most rings take 8-12 weeks to manufacture. When the rings for your school arrive in our office, we set up a delivery event where you can pick up your ring at your school. Final payment must be made at least 2 days before the delivery event. No checks for final payment.

2. What if I miss the delivery event?
You may pick up your ring in our office, or we can mail it to you for an additional shipping charge.

3. What if I lose my ring or it is stolen?
The CSP program covers ring loss for six years from the date of purchase starting June 30, 2006. Before that date, rings were covered for four years. Follow the Class Ring link on the home page for CSP information.

4. What is the CSP program?
The Customer Satisfaction Program is an insurance policy per se. The customer pays the premium (the amount depends on the metal quality of the ring) and Herff Jones will manufacture a new ring from the original order form. You may submit your request online. Follow the Class Ring link on the home page for CSP information.

5. How do I pay for my ring?
A customer must put down a minimum $50 deposit when placing an order. The customer then may make payments (for up to 11 months) until the ring is paid for. ( We only keep rings in the office for one year after ordering.) Those payments may be made on-line to HJGrad.com or money orders sent in the mail to the regional processing office at Herff Jones 966 East Lincoln Road Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.

Seniors must have the custom graduation class ring paid in full prior to any Graduation items being delivered in the spring of the Graduation year. Graduation Gowns will not be delivered until all products have been paid for in full including but not limited to: jackets, sweaters, rings, graduation products, and photography. Custom personalized products do not have a return value after 72 hours of placing the order. Cancel and or changes to all orders must be made within 72 hours of placing order. E-mail your request to 72hour@hgjrad.com

6. How often do I need to make payments?
It is recommended that you make at least monthly payments to ensure the ring is paid for in a timely manner.

7. What if my ring doesn't fit? How do I get it resized?
You may send the ring (suggested -insured mail) to our regional processing office. It will be sent to the company to be resized and then sent back to your home.

8. May I order my ring on-line?
Yes, go to our website home page: hjgrad.com to place your order.

Refunds and Exchanges   back to top

Refund Request
High School Orders Must Be Placed Before December 20th (or one week after main orders placed in-school)
Orders Placed After December 20th Do Not Qualify for a Refund
Late or Special Orders Do Not Qualify for a Refund

All refunds must be in writing submitted to janet@HJGrad.com before graduation. No refunds on internet orders.

Refund Policy
Our refund policy is in effect for unforeseen circumstances that kept the graduate from participating in commencement. The right of cancellation and change of order policy is 72 Hours (3 working days) from the time of purchase. Please review your order form for accuracy, notify us of any changes within 72 hours of ordering. We will review all requests for refunds and will consider all circumstances. Refundable orders must be placed at school sponsored Grad Fair. Late, rushed or last minute orders are not refundable. No refunds on late fees and shipping and handling. You can receive a refund on certain senior graduation items. All items that are subject to a refund must be in our office in 100% new condition and original packaging prior to graduation to be eligible.

All custom and/or personalized orders are non-returnable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable. Customers who wish to cancel these items, such as namecards must do so within 72 hours of their transaction.

Undelivered merchandise will be held in our office for a maximum period of 14 days past graduation and MUST be picked up in our office during that time frame. Unclaimed merchandise, including caps and gowns, will not be eligible for a refund. Herff Jones resumes no responsibility for orders shipped to an incomplete or incorrect shipping address provided by the customer. Any additional shipping charges for such orders will be the responsibility of the customer and will be charged to the credit card used on the order. If an order is refused, shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

June 1st Deadline for Request!
Mail the Following to our Herff Jones Regional Order Processing Center by June 1st:
* Send a letter of explanation of why you need to return products for credit (required)
* Send a copy of your receipt (required)
* All items being considered for a refund must be returned at the Same Time
* Send a photo copy of your returned check, front and back (required if paid with check)
* Return all unused and unopened merchandise to the Herff Jones Regional Order Processing Center
* In your letter make sure we have your current address, phone number, cell phone, and e-mail address and who to make the check out to.
* Customer must secure all products at school deliveries and then return products for refund; zero balances are generally left at school. Zero balances for refunds must be picked up by customer and returned to Herff Jones for refund consideration

If items are missing from the above, a refund cannot be processed!
Items Not Returnable:
*Items ordered after December 20th
*Late Order or Special Requested Items
*Open Bags or Boxes
*Used Items
*Tassel Package Items
*Pre-delivered Items (Items given at Grad Fair, Clothing Tassels, Etc.)
*Caps & Gowns must be returned in the Un-opened container or original bag (no exceptions)
*Personalized Items with your name or grad date are not returnable
*Shipping and Handling is not refundable
*A restocking fee of not more than 50% is applied to all returned useable items (covers cost of inventory handling and return shipping to the factories across America)

When Might I Receive the Refund if eligible?
*Inventory Begins June 15th and Ends July 15th
*We will review all requests by July 31st
*Checks will be sent no later than August 15th

Herff Jones Return of Merchandise Mailing Information:

Herff Jones Regional Order Processing Center
Attention: Tracy Huntsman, Customer Service Manager
966 East Lincoln Road
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

Questions? E-mail: secretary@hjgrad.com

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